21 Graphic Design Projects For Freelancers (2023)

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Every business needs a graphic design freelancer to take care of visuals. Creating compelling and attractive graphics will make you stand out from other businesses who simply blend into the background. Customers are more likely to remember your brand if you regularly show them something new and interesting.

Graphic design is one of the most persuasive marketing tools for companies who are into ecommerce trade.

Creativity is a talent. Combining it with strategy and technology is a skill. There are a lot of tasks a graphic design freelancer can do for you other than just designing beautiful imagery. They are the experts who establish the credibility of your business.

You need a graphic design freelancer to take your business to the next level.

Why Outsource?

Running your own ecommerce business is much more challenging than listing your first product. Primarily, you will find that not every aspect of your business is within your expertise.

The importance of delegating tasks to other people will dawn on you as you feel the workload increasing. Once you sense that the growth of your business is being compromised by everyday tasks, it’s time to think about outsourcing.

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Why Hire A Freelancer?

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There’s a reason the freelancing industry has thrived over the years. The advantages brought about by the freelance workforce have become significant to business owners.

Freelance experts have developed skills and gained experience, making them more reliable than fresh graduates applying for office work. Because they can work remotely and on a per-project basis, however, their rates are relatively lower than a regularly employed person. They have flexible work hours, too, which makes them more productive than the average worker in a fixed eight-to-five office setting.

Freelancers are independent experts who place a high value on communication and work ethics. Their professionalism is second to none, which makes them awesome to work with. Based on market trends, more and more competent professionals are choosing to become independent contractors and developing their own freelance business.

21 Graphic Design Projects to Outsource

Graphic designers provide a range of services that can not only take time off your hands as a business owner but also enhance the image of your brand through high-quality visuals. The solutions they offer contribute mainly to your company’s marketing efforts.

If you are an ecommerce entrepreneur and you are planning to get someone who can take care of the visual media of your business, this comprehensive list will help you explore the ways a graphic design freelancer can help promote your brand.

Basic Graphic Design

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Let’s start with the basics. These are the main projects a graphic designer handles. Most of the time, business owners hire freelance experts to do designs that are direct representations of their brand. These product images are often used to attract buyers and make them remember you.

1. Brand Logo

Deciding on your brand’s logo is more complicated than you think. It embodies how you do business so it must have all the meanings you want to convey to your customers. The task of the graphic designer is to put it all into one meaningful work of art that will become the trademark of your company.

2. Product Logos

When you go into retail, you will be selling different products under one brand name. Because businesses want to stand out, they create separate identities to address varied sets of buyers; thus, creating a range of product logo designs. A graphic designer creates product logos differently from brand logos, focusing on the specific features of the product (or service,m as it may be).

3. Website Graphics

An interactive website requires more than just text to tell a story. It requires equally informative and appealing visual elements to invite visitors to stay, browse through, and finally buy your product or service. A graphic design freelancer is a person who can build the open door to your business’ success.

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4. Packaging Design

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Have you ever purchased one product over another just because you loved the design on the product box? The packaging of a product is quite important as it affects the impression buyers will have of your product. Packaging design involves an extensive process of enticing the senses of passersby to make them buy the product. This is one task for graphic designers that need skills and experience.

5. Buyer Persona

Often, a business builds a buyer persona with whom its customers can relate. This is in the form of a character, either a real person or an animated figure drawn by the experts. This project involves a lot of research and brainstorming with your hired graphic designer.

6. Mobile App Graphics

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As we move into the mobile era, mobile apps are becoming more and more crucial to improve the overall shopping experience of consumers. Mobile apps are designed differently from websites as they cater to users who are always on-the-go. It is up to the graphic designer to add visuals that are simple yet help users fulfill their objectives — and yours (i.e. buy a product).

Digital Marketing

Marketing is a powerful instrument for the success of your ecommerce business. The world is getting more internet savvy. Hence the need for promoting your brand on different online media channels has become more essential. These are several projects you can assign to a graphic design freelancer to help in your digital marketing efforts.

7. eBook Graphics

More than 60% of online shoppers nowadays are concerned about the authenticity of products and services more than anything. Most business owners write eBooks on a specific subjects to build their influencer status. As with every content marketing strategy, the text should be accompanied by impressive images and graphics that will keep readers interested as you convince them that you are a trustworthy brand.

8. Social Media Graphics

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Probably the most popular marketing medium for ecommerce businesses today is social media. A graphic designer with expertise in social media marketing is the best fit. Given his/her skills and experience, you will be able to use various types of graphic content across platforms where you can maximize your reach.

9. Email Marketing Graphics

Most likely, the email marketers that you will hire to build campaigns for you do not have a background in graphic design. Eye-catching images within your emails increase the chances of them being opened and the links followed. An experienced graphic designer will drive more conversions and click-throughs to your email marketing campaigns.

10. Infographics

Infographics are high-quality visuals that combine information, imagery, and marketing. Some graphics used include icons and images, and the work involves laying them out neatly in a boxed format. A seasoned graphic design freelancer who can create effective infographics will help boost conversions and increase brand awareness for your ecommerce business.

11. Web Content

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There are many things to put on your website aside from your company logo and basic information. Graphics are needed on landing pages to deliver the optimum representation of your brand. It enhances the visual appearance and user experience of your potential customers.

12. Blog Graphics

Blogging is used by ecommerce businesses to drive traffic to their website and establish authority. However, with the competition for page rankings, you need supplementary visuals to get your blog posts noticed. Photos, and/or illustrations make them easier to read and encourage reshares.

Printed Materials

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Printed media is a traditional and proven approach to reaching potential customers. Sometimes, with too many brands competing with each other, emails are saturated with a plethora of online advertisements that consumers are likely to ignore. Using print ads is therefore remains an important tactic to give your customers a brand new experience.

13. Business Cards

You may think that printed business cards are a thing of the past, but they are still a powerful medium to get new leads, exchange information, and get your name known in customer and business circles. In this age, most people store their cards digitally, but there are many events at which a simplified printed version comes in handy. This is resolved through a catchy, professional look from an experienced graphic designer.

14. Brochures and Pamphlets

There are instances when you need more than just a blog or social media post to showcase a new product in your store. Coming up with a brochure or pamphlet, both printed and digital, is a great way to feature your latest collection of products. Apart from using high-quality product photos, you always need a neat layout design to make them readable and attractive.

15. Flyers and Posters

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Flyers and posters are great ways to catch the attention of customers. A graphic designer should know what fonts, colors, and illustrations to use for your posters to be noticed. The digital versions can then be used and repurposed for additional uses online.

16. Book Covers

There will come a time that you will publish your own books as an ecommerce influencer. When that happens, you will need a great graphic design partner. Like any marketing material, book covers should be designed carefully and professionally to attract readers.

Beyond Basic Design

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Apart from their fundamental proficiency in creating a powerful visual messages for your brand, graphic design freelancers are also capable of other creative works to amplify your marketing strategies. These additional services are helpful in promoting your brand’s image.

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17. Layout Design

Laying out images together will text in a limited space is a challenge if you do not have the expertise of a graphic designer. An experienced freelancer should be able to do great layouts on any kind of medium. Their objective is to make everything look good together without losing important information meant for the audience to understand.

18. Enhancing Images

There is more to graphic design than just basic designing. Some graphic design freelancers will have the skill to improve the quality of images using Photoshop and other design tools.

19. Animation

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In an experiment done by Animoto, a video marketing company based in the US, it was found that short video ads get more clicks on Facebook than simple image posts. This is becoming a trend in ecommerce. You will notice that businesses are now using animated visuals withroyalty-free musicfor their ad campaigns, and they hire professional animation designers to take care of this for them.

20. Consulting

Businesses need to adapt to the ever-changing ecommerce landscape. All your materials will need a revamp at some point. Before making any changes, you may need to consult a professional graphic designer to help you come up with fresh ideas and designs. Use their experience and niche expertise to your advantage.

21. Graphic Design Agencies

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Depending on the size of your company, you may find that you need more than one freelancer on a project in order to get efficient results. Another strategy entrepreneurs use is to hire a graphic design agency that will supply a variety of design services for your growing ecommerce business over time.


No design is random. Every element that comes out from imagery is carefully crafted to fit the image of your brand. Creativity, strategy, and technology… to make all of these work, you need a creative professional to translate your branding into the perfect visual representation.

Talented creative freelancers with years of experience in design tools such as Photoshop or InDesign will become the visual assets of your business.

There is a lot of competition when you enter the ecommerce trade. You need compelling visuals to stand out from the rest. Sometimes, one project requires the expertise of different designers. The best part of hiring freelancers is that you can hire niche experts to do different tasks, and only when required.

Basically anything that needs more visual appeal is a task for a graphic designer. Think about hiring a graphic design freelancer for your online store today. Visit our blog to know more about the services that other ecommerce freelancers can provide to further scale up your business and boost sales. Join FreeUp and get access to the top 1% of talent in the ecommerce industry.

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