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A total of $133 to over $3,400 in monthly VA Disability Compensation benefits can be earned by veterans with service-related disabilities and a discharge other than dishonorable.

Congress designed veterans' claim processes to be friendly to them. Claimants do not have to wait a certain amount of time before bringing a claim. As Congress recognized, a disability may not occur immediately after an event occurs in service. It doesn't matter how long it has been since veterans left the service; they may still file a claim in these cases.

As well as being able to reopen a claim that the Veterans Affairs Department has already denied, veterans have the right to appeal the decision. For veterans to be able to prove their claim again, they simply have to provide new and material evidence that supports their claim.

If you think your VA rating is not aligned with the disability you suffer from, read our article on how to increase your VA disability rating.

How Do VA Claim Lawyers Help?

Veterans who win the service connection war but lose the battle of getting the proper compensation are everyday experiences for VA disability lawyers. The VA acknowledges your disability as a result of service when it acknowledges a service connection.

The VA often grants service connections, but the rating is low. Be sure to check the VA's rating to ensure it is correct. The veteran's own evidence should be compared with the VA's C&P exams by a good VA claim lawyer. Often, an appeal is needed to obtain the proper benefits after this careful review.

One of the most common mistakes is not thoroughly researching the effective date. VA disability lawyers will review all the previous claims in your claim file to see if there is a way to extend benefits beyond the date on which your claim was filed.

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It is possible that the effective date of your award could date back decades. The VA is responsible for paying you everything you would have received over the years if this were to happen. Money could be awarded to a vast number of people in this case.

There is a great deal of complexity involved in Veteran's Disability Law. It was not possible for veterans to hire VA disability lawyers before 2006. Congress changed this law in 2006 after recognizing the importance of veteran lawyers for VA claims. An attorney specializing in VA disability claims can clarify the issues and assemble evidence to support the claim so that an appeal can be filed if needed.

The Best VA Disability Lawyers Near Me

VA disability compensation claim appeals require the representation of a VA claims lawyer. If you intend to hire a VA attorney, their services must be more effective than what a veteran service officer can do for you for free.

To prove their value, VA claims lawyers need to demonstrate their expertise. Leaving a VA disability lawyer is not easy once you sign a contract. Below are some of the highest-rated and best VA disability lawyers you can find online.

Lanier Law Group

Veterans are taken care of and supported by the VA disability attorneys at Lanier Law Group. In addition to veteran staff members, they also have lawyers on staff who are prepared to fight for VA disability compensation for veterans. They will help you appeal a denial of benefits if you have applied for them but were denied.

Even a simple error on the VA form can lead to a claim being denied. You can get the disability compensation you need by contacting their lawyers, who can organize your claim and assist you in navigating any pitfalls. Many veterans have benefited from their assistance in collecting their disability benefits.

Jackson & MacNichol

Veterans who have been denied VA disability benefits are proud to have Jackson & MacNichol on their side. Veterans from across the nation have turned to their attorneys for years of experience in helping them with their legal problems.

All your veteran disability needs can be handled by their VA disability compensation lawyers in Maine. They offer low VA disability attorney fees and expert guidance.

Bergmann & Moore

With former veterans' benefits attorneys managing the firm, Bergmann & Moore is one of the country's largest and most successful law firms. It specializes in veterans' benefits. They are familiar with the journey and can help you along the way.

The VA disability benefits issue has been a point of contention for veterans for years. We at Bergmann & Moore understand veterans' frustration with VA's incoherent decisions and repeated mistakes.

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Bergmann & Moore attorneys vigorously represent veterans and their families against the VA, examining the Board's decision to find the mistakes made by the Board to help you to prevail in court if necessary.

A reasonable attorney can identify ways in which the highest benefits are available under the law and assist them in getting them. Appeals of complex disability claims are their specialty, and they welcome all types of cases.

Affleck & Gordon

Affleck & Gordon provides the highest level of legal representation to veterans with disabilities. Calls are returned promptly, updates are provided on the progress of your case, and they are always available to assist you.

When it comes to getting what you deserve, they don't rest until they get it. They have over forty years of experience and have helped tens of thousands of people, so their team can evaluate, understand, and fight to protect your rights.

It is not just their commitment to your case that makes Affleck & Gordon different, but also their commitment to you as a client. As your advocate, they will diligently fight for your rights on your behalf in order to achieve a favorable outcome.

You are concerned about your case, and they are also concerned about it. For the foreseeable future, your financial situation represents how you will provide for your own needs and those of your family. You can count on them to fight for your rights.

Tucker Disability Law

The disability lawyers at Tucker Disability Law are nationally recognized and have decades of Experience. With 25 years of experience handling disability benefits and insurance claims, attorney John V. Tucker established a reputation for providing outstanding service.

With over 40 years of combined experience, Tucker Disability Law has a team of dedicated disability lawyers. The firm has been helping people from various backgrounds receive benefits since it was founded in 2000.

Their disability legal services cover the full spectrum of disability issues. If you need assistance with any type of ERISA claim, they have ERISA attorneys and VA service-connected disability lawyers on their team who can assist you. Denials of VA disability claims, ERISA claims, and individual disability insurance claims are all handled by their firm.

Woods & Woods

Woods and Woods is a nationwide law firm that helps injured and disabled people. Woods and Woods VA disability benefits attorneys can help no matter where you live. When you hire a VA disability benefits attorney at Woods & Woods, you get an advocate that will protect your legal rights.

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Woods & Woods has been representing injured and disabled people since 1985. Their long history and years of experience help clients win their cases. Thousands of VA disability benefits clients have been helped by Woods and Woods attorneys.

Whenever you are injured or disabled, they will explore all legal options. In cases where their lawyers are unable to help, they will refer you to a reputable lawyer who can. A fee is only charged if you win your VA disability benefits case with Woods and Woods.

There is no obligation to pay them anything if you do not obtain a settlement. People who have been injured or disabled can get the legal assistance they need with their fair fee agreements.

Applying for cash benefits from Social Security can seem overwhelming for some people. Check out our guide on calculating VA loan monthly payments. To help you prepare for VA disability claims, make sure you do your research as well. Visit the Disability Help blog for more information.

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