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AltspaceVR is shutting down on March 10, 2023. For more information, please visit

The Multimedia Console is a tool that enables media sharing in events and worlds. You can use it to share things like images, livestreams and hosted videos. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to use the Multimedia Console.

(Video) How to use the AltspaceVR Multimedia Console Portal and Multimedia SDK App for adding world media

Getting started

Getting started with the Multimedia Console is a two part process. First there's the web portal that you'll use to generate and publish a configuration for the Multimedia Console session you place in your environment. Second is the placement of the actual Multimedia Console app in your environment and setting the configuration code it should use.


The Multimedia Console does not support YouTube videos/livestreams, Twitch livestreams or links to sites with logins like Google Drive/Dropbox. It requires direct access to a publicly hosted video file, for example:

Configuring the Multimedia Console from the web portal

  1. First, you'll need to make sure your content is hosted online because you'll need a URL. You can upload photos to, host a video .mp4 file online or use a Dlive live stream link:
  2. Navigate to the web portal for the Multimedia Console at
  3. From the web portal, you can generate and publish a configuration for the Multimedia Console. See below for details about the various properties.
  4. Once you've entered the media into the media list and have configured the general settings, select the publish button in the top-right part of the app.
  5. Once the publish has completed, a dialog will pop up with a two word code for you to enter in to the Multimedia Console you've placed in AltspaceVR. 

Placing the Multimedia Console in AltspaceVR

  1. Select World Editor > Editor Panel > SDK Apps > Multimedia Console.
  2. Position the Multimedia Console to best suit your space and audience.
  3. Get out of Edit Mode by clicking the orange Edit Mode button.
  4. You'll be prompted Are you the media player owner? If you're the person who should be the official owner of this Multimedia Console session, confirm and continue. Other permissioned roles are available as well. See below for a detailed list.
  5. Select Yes to confirm that you are the primary host.
  6. A dialog pops up that asks you to enter a code from the web portal or valid JSON. Enter the two word code from the web portal including the dash and hit OK. JSON is an advanced configuration described below.
  7. The Multimedia Console will load after a few seconds with the configuration you built in the web portal.

Controlling the Multimedia Console

  1. After you input your two word code/JSON and select OK, you'll see control buttons appear below the Multimedia Console display.
    • Play - starts the media viewer (or restarts at current entry, if previously stopped)
    • Stop - stops the media viewer, and hides current media
    • Next/Prev - skips to next or previous media
    • x/x - shows the current index into the media list, allows you to select it to enter a number to jump to any point in the list
    • Config - allows reentering a new code/JSON to set a new configuration in the console.

Now you're set to begin sharing via the Multimedia Console!

Working with the web portal

The web portal is a web app that enables configuring the various features of the Multimedia Console. These features fall in to two categories; general media console settings, and the media play list.

(Video) Using Altspace Multimedia Console for YouTube video

Multimedia Console general settings

Playback Settings

General playback settings for the media list

  • Loop Media List- Determines whether the media list should loop around once you reach the end of the list.
  • Start Method - Selects the method by which the Multimedia Console should start.
    • Manual - Waits for the play button to be pressed before starting the media
    • Auto Start from Beginning - Auto start the media list from the beginning of the list
    • Auto Start Random - Auto starts the media from a random starting point in the list


Role assignments for controlling and configuring the Multimedia Console. These roles are broken down in to the following set:

  • Owner Only - The user that is the owner of the Multimedia Console Session
  • Elevated Users - Users that have moderator or host roles in the space that the Multimedia Console is configured in originally
  • All Users - All users

These roles stack in the sense that all roles above the one chosen in this list will also be granted permission to use that feature. Example: Elevated Users includes the Owner even if they aren't a moderator or host in AltspaceVR.

Features that are controlled by role assignments are as follows:

(Video) How To Use Multimedia Console in AltspaceVR

  • Can control media player - Determines what roles can control the media playback buttons for the Multimedia Console
  • Can configure the media player - Determines what roles can configure the Multimedia Console by being granted access to the Config button

Media is the heart of the Multimedia Console. Images and video links are supported as media types within the Multimedia Console. To add new media, select either the Add Image or Add Video icons to have a dialog pop up to enter the media information and settings. Below is the breakdown of the media types and associated settings:


Images should be a standard image type such as jpeg, png, and son on. 1920x1080 sizing works great. They need to be hosted somewhere with a public link.

  • Name - (Required) Name that you wish to identify the image with
  • Image URL - (Required) The public URL of the image
  • Skip After - The number of seconds that the image should be skipped after


Videos can be hosted videos or live streams through DLive. Other playforms may function with extra work to get the proper stream URL, but aren't fully supported within the Multimedia Console.

  • Name - (Required) Name that you wish to identify the video with
  • Video URL - (Required) The public URL that the video is hosted at or the livestream is served from
  • Skip After - The number of seconds that the video should be skipped after


REQUIRED: Put in the time that matches the length of the video to enable videos to properly skip to the next piece of content. For example, if your video is 5 minutes long put 300 seconds, otherwise your video won't skip to the next piece of content.

(Video) Using Altspace Multimedia Console for live Twitch stream
  • Volume - The volume of the video from 0 (min) - 1 (max) values
  • Start Time - The number of seconds from the beginning of the video to start from
  • Roll Off Start Distance - The distance, in meters, that the volume begins to fall off as you move away from the Multimedia Console
  • End of Video Action - The action to take once the end of the video is reached:
    • Stop - The media list stops after the video has ended
    • Loop - The video will loop until manually skipped
    • Play Next - The next media in the media list will be started after the current video ends

Working with JSON directly (optional)

The Multimedia Console supports entering JSON directly into the prompt of the console in AltspaceVR. JSON is the internal mechanism with which we enable media player configurations. Exposing the ability to set JSON directly is something that allows for more advanced users to build their own workflows that suites their needs and familiarity with JSON. The following is a brief description of the JSON structure and the schema by which the JSON is validated. For more detailed descriptions of the properties below, see the above sections that talk about configuring the Multimedia Console. This section is focused primarily on the schema examples and structuring for the JSON data.

Global media settings

{ "loopMediaList": true | false "startMethod": "manual" | "autostart-beginning" | "autostart-random" "controlMediaPlayer": "everyone" | "elevated" | "owner" "configureMediaPlayer": "elevated" | "owner" ...}

Media list

The media list is a property set at the root of the JSON structure like the Roles and Playback Settings. It's a simple array that can contain one of the following media configuration structures. (See property descriptions above for details on what each does.)

Image example

Required fields: "name" and "imageUrl"

(Video) Modifying an AltspaceVR Media Console

{ "name": "AltspaceVR 2D Controls", "imageUrl": "", "skipAfter": 10}

Video example

Required fields: "name" and "videoUrl"

{ "name": "DLive Livestream", "videoUrl":"", "volume":0.2, "startTime":0, "endOfVideoAction":"play-next"}

Example JSON

{ "loopMediaList": false, "startMethod": "autostart-beginning", "controlMediaPlayer": "everyone", "configureMediaPlayer": "elevated", "mediaList": [ { "videoUrl": "", "volume": 0.2, "startTime": 0, "endOfVideoAction": "play-next" }, { "imageUrl": "", "skipAfter": 10 }, { "imageUrl": "", "skipAfter": 10 } ]}

Schema (advanced)

{ "$schema": "", "type": "object", "required": [ "mediaList" ], "properties": { "loopMediaList": { "type": "boolean", "description": "Whether to loop through the media list when reaching the beginning or end of the list." }, "controlMediaPlayer": { "type": "string", "enum": [ "everyone", "elevated", "owner" ], "default": "owner", "description": "What roles are able to control the media player. (Owner can always control player)" }, "configureMediaPlayer": { "type": "string", "enum": [ "elevated", "owner" ], "default": "owner", "description": "What roles are allowed to configure the media play list. Note: This role needs to be able to control the media player in order to configure it. (Owner can always configure media)" }, "startMethod": { "type": "string", "enum": [ "manual", "autostart-beginning", "autostart-random" ], "default": "manual", "description": "The method by which the media player should start" }, "mediaList": { "description": "A list of images or videos to configure the media player to operate on.", "type": "array", "items": { "oneOf": [ { "title": "Image", "type": "object", "description": "Configuration for an image media.", "properties": { "imageUrl": { "type": "string", "description": "The url for the image to load." }, "skipAfter": { "type": "number", "minimum": 5, "default": null, "description": "The number of seconds that should pass before skipping to the next media. (Minimum 5)." } }, "required": [ "imageUrl" ] }, { "title": "Video", "type": "object", "description": "Configuration for a video media.", "properties": { "videoUrl": { "type": "string", "description": "The url of the video to load." }, "skipAfter": { "type": "number", "minimum": 5, "default": null, "description": "The number of seconds that should pass before skipping to the next media. (Minimum 5)." }, "volume": { "type": "number", "minimum": 0, "maximum": 1, "default": null, "description": "The volume to play the video at. (Minimum 0, maximum 1)" }, "startTime": { "type": "number", "minimum": 0, "default": null, "description": "The time in seconds from the start of the video to begin playing the video at. (Minimum of 0)" }, "rolloffStartDistance": { "type": "number", "minimum": 0, "default": null, "description": "The distance in meters away from the media player that the volume will begin to fall off. (Minimum 0)" }, "endOfVideoAction": { "type": "string", "enum": [ "stop", "loop", "play-next" ], "default": null, "description": "The type of action to take at the end of the video." } }, "required": [ "videoUrl" ] } ] } } }}


How do I change my spawn point in AltspaceVR? ›

That's a quirk of how floating point numbers are handled:
  1. Reenter your World via Menu > Settings > General > Reenter Space > Re-Enter.
  2. You should spawn at your new Spawn Point!
  3. If you want people to face a different direction, select the settings for the Spawn Point and set Rotation > Y only.
Mar 24, 2021

Does Microsoft own Altspace? ›

AltspaceVR is a social VR platform that was founded in 2013 by Eric Romo and launched its initial product in May 2015. In 2017 it was acquired by Microsoft and is now part of the Mixed Reality division (alongside notable products like HoloLens and HoloLens 2) within the Cloud and AI group.

Can you play Altspace without VR? ›

No Headset? No Problem. Download AltspaceVR on your PC computer and enjoy 2D mode.

How do I upload to AltspaceVR? ›

In the Package Manager menu bar, select the plus sign drop down ("+"), and then select Add package from tarball. Navigate to the folder that contains the . tgz file, then select it, and then click Open. You'll need to import the AltspaceVR Uploader package into every Unity project you want to use with AltspaceVR.

How do I change my spawn coordinates? ›

Use /setworldspawn <x> <y> <z> with x y z are coordinates to set a new spawn point for all players.

How do you set everyone's spawn point? ›

Once in-game, head to the desired spawn location and open chat. Proceed to run the /setworldspawn command, which will set the spawn point for all players. Afterward, execute the /gamerule spawnRadius 0 command so every user will spawn on the block and not in the default radius.

What coordinate is the spawn point? ›

Every world has a "spawn point" (really, an area) located within a few hundred blocks of the origin, which is at coordinates 0x, 0y, 0z. This point is stored in the level.

Can you play Altspace on Xbox? ›

AltspaceVR has built-in gamepad support for Windows and automatically recognizes Xbox 360 controllers. VR controls map to the Xbox 360 gamepad, including the teleport system, mouse cursor control, and page scrolling. You'll find a full list of controls and action mapping below.

Is AltspaceVR a metaverse? ›

Microsoft acquired AltspaceVR in 2017 as part of an effort to advance in the metaverse after the VR company nearly closed due to financial difficulties. In February 2022, Microsoft further integrated the company after requiring all users to log in to the VR app using a Microsoft account.

How do I play Spotify through VR? ›

Log in to any Spotify Premium account and begin playing music. Open your desired Oculus Quest game or app (this will cause the music to pause). Open the same Spotify Premium account from any smartphone or computer and select “Web Player (Chrome)” or “Mobile Web Player” (depending on your device) as the playback device.

How do you play music over Vrchat? ›

Go to the "Recording" tab and find the "Cable Output" device. Right click it and select "Properties". In the "Listen" tab, select "Listen to this device". Now you will be able to hear the audio you play.

How do I play music during my rec? ›

Play Music While Recording Video on Android
  1. Download and install the Together app from Google Play Store.
  2. Play your desired song in the background.
  3. Launch Together and tap the video camera icon at the bottom to start recording.
  4. When you need to stop the recording, tap the button that looks like a square.

How do you play music through oculus? ›

To turn audio mirroring on:
  1. Open the Oculus app on your PC Computer.
  2. Select Devices in the left menu and click Rift S and Touch.
  3. Use the toggles to select if you want to: Hear VR audio from Computer: Your computer's speakers will play the same things you hear from your VR headset.

How do you get music in rec room? ›

Radios are available in the Dorm Room, Rec Center, Lounge, and from the "Props" tab of the Palette (in the "Toys" category) in Custom Rooms.

Can you listen to music while on VR? ›

You can now access a massive catalog of music while simultaneously enjoying your favorite Oculus Quest games and apps. Whether you're connected via a smartphone or computer, you'll have full control over the experience, including volume and song selection.

Can you play music on virtual reality? ›

Music is a game changer. If your sound isn't up to par, then the whole project can fall flat. Today we're focusing solely on VR experiences where music is at the forefront. You'll see some of the best VR music videos, VR music visualizers, VR games, as well as VR music platforms all for you to better enjoy the music.

How do I play music in every room? ›

The easiest way to create multi-room audio is with smart speakers. These speakers connect to your Wi-Fi network and the setup is done via an app. From there, they feature built-in mics that listen for wake words for voice commands. With just your voice, you can ask a smart speaker to play a certain song or podcast.

How can I listen to music while playing games with friends? ›

Thanks to the apps listed below, it's easy to listen to music with friends at the same time, even if you aren't together.
Check out these services to listen to music with friends far away!
  1. Spotify. ...
  2. Apple SharePlay. ...
  3. Vertigo. ...
  4. EarBuds. ...
  5. JQBX. ...
  6. we:fm. ...
  7. Quorus. ...
  8. Odesli.
Jun 5, 2022

How do you hear voices in rec room? ›

Right click the speaker icon at the bottom right of the desktop > Recording devices > find and right click your chosen mic (make sure its enabled) > properties > listen tab > check the 'listen to this device' box > hit apply.

How do I listen to Oculus through TV? ›

Just follow these three steps:
  1. Ready Your TV. Your TV needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone and headset. ...
  2. Cast from Oculus. You can turn on casting from both the headset and the Oculus App. ...
  3. Adjust the Audio.
Feb 16, 2022

How do I get VR sound on my TV? ›

From your computer, open the SteamVR app. Click , and then select Settings > Audio. Click the Audio mirroring On/Off switch to turn it on. In the drop-down list, choose the device where you want the audio from VIVE duplicated.

Is there a music player for Oculus? ›

(m)ORPH is an interactive musical VR experience for Oculus. Players engage with audio in real-time creating a dynamically evolving, immersive music environment. Sign up to SideQuest to get updates for your favourite apps, as well as support the apps you like with reviews, posts and comments.

Is Rec Room Age restricted? ›

If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use this Website and talk to your parents about what sites are appropriate for you. To use certain features of your Account, you may also need a username and password, which you will create through the registration process.

Is Rec Room copyrighted? ›

Rec Room Inc and its licensors exclusively own all right, title and interest in and to the Game, Services, and Content, including all associated intellectual property rights, with the exception of User Content, to which Rec Room Inc does not claim any ownership rights, but rather possesses license rights as described ...

Can you code in Rec Room? ›

HOW DOES IT WORK? Once you've been accepted into the program you'll work with the Rec Room team to pick a custom video partner code. You can give out your code in your videos, on your socials, or wherever you like.


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